Hunting for the perfect office can seem like a bit of a daunting task. There are so many things to think about from location to decoration and, with this on top of your already hectic schedule, the inside of your brain could feel a bit chaotic! If this sounds like you right now, don’t stress any further. Keep on reading to find out eight of the essentials you’ll need consider when looking for your dream workspace.

Pinpoint your priorities

When you’re looking for the ideal workspace, it’s important to know what you’d like to get out of it. For example, if part of your business includes frequent client meetings, you may look for an office that has a reception team to greet them and an appealing waiting area to make a good impression. Knowing the purpose of your workspace in advance could save you time looking at offices that aren’t right for you!

What’s your budget?

If you know there’s a price set in stone that you mustn’t go above, let your advisor know. This will save time looking at spaces that may not be within your reach at the time! Your budget will let you know what amenities you can expect to be included, and can also help you narrow down a location. When finalising your budget, it’s a good idea to set it a little lower than what you can afford so that if you fall in love with an office and it’s a tiny bit over, you can still choose it as the one.

Location, location, location

A location can be essential for how your business runs. You not only need to think about how easy it is for your employees, but also for client visits. If your office is too out of a client’s way, this may be something that helps them decide between you and a competitor! Ensuring your location is relatively central, near local amenities, and with easy transport options will give employees and clients much less hassle. What could be better?

Competitive culture

When searching high and low for your office space, find out where your competitors are. If your business will thrive best without local competition, then factor this into your search. However, bear in mind that your business could end up flourishing in a location where companies within the same industry conduct their work! It’s down to your preference, but knowing where your competitors are will allow you to make an informed choice.

Ease of transport

Transport, believe it or not, can play a big part in whether someone adores their job or not. A difficult commute can turn a wonderful working day into something dreary and dreaded. Being near a train station, for example, could save your colleagues the trouble of navigating too many modes of transport. Also investigate whether your office has parking opportunities. This will allow you to just get in your car and zip to and from your workspace!

Size to expand

How many employees do you have in your office? If you’re in the market for a new one, the chances are you’ve outgrown yours or you need to provide them with some other workspace than their kitchen tables! When viewing serviced offices, consider selecting one that gives your company room to grow. This will mean that if you gain another team member or two, you have space without having to move from your lovingly selected office.

Personal touches

In serviced offices, you will be allowed to give the workspace your own personal touch. Some offices may even allow you to paint, but this is subject to your contract. If you’d like an office that is fully furnished, make sure to let your advisor know as they will take this into account! Similarly, if you’re looking for somewhat of a blank canvas and the option of creative freedom, you’ll need to find somewhere where this is possible.

Available amenities

Amenities are what really set serviced offices apart. Phone bills, electricity, and Wi-Fi will all be included in your monthly bill – you can rock up, complete your work, and not have to worry about individual payments! There are even options for extra amenities in some offices, such as a post service, printing, and admin support. Knowing that you need these services will help you whittle down which offices to class as an option during your search.

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