Serviced offices: Why they’ll benefit your business

A serviced office can provide you with the workspace you need, as well as granting you unmatched freedom. They have everything covered under one single bill. With the flexibility and the opportunities, we can’t see why you’d want to work anywhere else! Minimise your stress today by picking up the phone and relying on the expertise of Serviced Offices South London.

Guaranteed flexibility

The flexibility of serviced offices is really what sets them apart from anything else. You will have facilities, amenities, and bills all included in one monthly price. As well as this, there is endless opportunity to grow in a serviced office. The notice periods are often shorter, allowing your office to change over time alongside your business.

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business bridges

One of the best things about a serviced office is the opportunities it grants you to get to know other businesses. Serviced offices will be within an office building, housing countless other companies. You can take this chance to network with those businesses in the breakout areas that are conveniently right at the tips of your fingers.


Unlike in a managed office, the serviced office provider will ensure that all of your needs are met in one package. Your Wi-Fi, broadband, phonelines, electricity, cleaning services, meeting room facilities, and more will all be covered in your building. Everything you need will be in close proximity to your office for maximum convenience.

Expert reception teams

A reception team may be one of your requirements. This creates a professional image, and the reception team is able to greet your guests. They can collect your post and act as your point of contact for queries about the building. This is a perfect opportunity to have a business address, ensuring your home is free of business reminders!

Simple contracts

Serviced offices use licence agreements rather than a lease, allowing flexibility. There’s the possibility of a rolling contract, which means you could move offices within just a month. You could even trial an office on a flexible contract. Licence agreements offer looser conditions – the ability to customise your office space and often shorter notice periods.

Forward-thinking finances

With only one bill coming out of your account per month, serviced offices allow you financial peace of mind. Every cost is included in one monthly payment, decreasing the stress on your shoulders about invoices. Knowing what to expect in your bills means that you can plan ahead, increasing the financial stability for your business.