When you’re starting the process of looking for a serviced office in London for your company, you’ll need to consider the size of offices that you’re looking at. There are a number of factors that you should take into account when wondering the size of your serviced office, and the most important is the comfort of your employees! So, the vital question is, how much space does each person need within an office?

How much space does each employee need?

As a standard rule of thumb, each office should have 100 square feet for each employee. A lot of the time, this is split up into 50 square feet for the desk, and another 50 square feet in communal areas such as the kitchen and break out areas. This helps your employees remain comfortable with enough space to house themselves and their colleagues. This 100 square feet suggestion is, however, often standard practice in open plan offices. There are some circumstances where your employees may need more space.

When would an employee need more space?

There could be some circumstances where your employees may need more space than the average 100 square feet. These could include:

  • When your office is in a cubicle layout. Cubicles encourage concentration and help your employees to get their head in the game, and they often require more space.
  • Your business requires multiple screens or desk space. This could be a role such as architecture, where a drawing desk is needed, and more space is required!

The benefits of 100 square feet working spaces

A working space with 100 square feet for each employee encourages an open planned office structure. The benefits of this are:

  • Your employees can take advantage of having their colleagues all around them, not only benefitting their productivity but also encouraging team bonding and friendships!
  • The benefit of an open plan office as a result of having 100 square feet for each person is that it could help you reduce costs for your company, by having less resources such as printers and lighting in individual rooms.

The benefits of allowing your employees extra communal space

Generally, each of your employees should have around 50 square feet of space in communal areas, including the kitchen and break out areas. This ensures that they have the room to take a few minutes away from their desks without feeling cramped, as well as offering space for them to take a full and relaxing lunch break. This often increases productivity and how happy your employees are throughout their days!

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