Creating healthy bonds with employees in the workplace is proven to be an effective way to increase team spirit, morale and productivity. Creating a team who share a level of respect, understanding and gratitude for one another can be created through the use of team building activities. These are something which we have all heard of, but few have actually taken part in.

Why is team building important?

“Teamwork makes the dreamwork”. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard countless times in the workplace, but without a strong team, you could find yourself falling short of the motivation required to achieve your targets. When united, you’ll find that, as a team, you’ll be able to overcome obstacles and achieve greater things. An element of healthy competition or enhanced communication can lead to boosted motivation and increased appreciation.

The 5 C’s

For a team to collaborate and work effectively together, they must form the following characteristics…

Confidence – your team must confidently trust one another.

Consensus – your team must be able to reach a final decision when needed, non-dependant on personal thoughts.

Commitment – your team must be able to commit to one another where the same goal is shared amongst them.

Collaboration – your team must be able to work together to successfully achieve an end goal.

Communication – your team must be able to share their thoughts and opinions freely.

In-office team building inspiration

  • Create a line-up

By setting a timer and requesting for your team to line up in order of something, whether it be of age, height or birth dates, your team will be able to learn new things about their co-workers whilst participating in a quick, fun challenge.

  • Blind directions

With an end point in mind, pair or group your team. Have one close their eyes or wear a blindfold and allow the others to guide them through any obstacles to the finish line. This activity will allow co-workers to both listen to understand, as well as guide and instruct empathetically.

  • Solve a task collectively

Whether this be a brainteaser, a literal puzzle or a mind-teasing game, collaborating as a team to reach the desired end goal will create dependability, gratitude and trust.

How your office space can help facilitate your team building exercises

A common misconception is that team building activities can only take place in a large, open field, accompanied by heaps of equipment to create technical challenges with. Whilst this is always an option, you needn’t look past your office space to arrange those regular activities. Simple tasks can take place seated or, if space allows, you can even push desks aside to create enough space to carry out a collaborative task.

If your office space doesn’t provide you with the space to carry out regular, effective team building activities, or you are looking to bring your team members together from their virtual workspaces, our team of experts can provide you with an office space that ticks all of your boxes. Give us a call at Serviced Offices South London on 0208 315 6600 or send us an email at today.