During your journey to find the right workspace for your company, you’ve probably flicked through all the options, right? Undoubtedly, serviced offices will stand out as providing key benefits for your business! Here are some of the reasons why (just in case you needed convincing…):

A hub for your company 

If your company is in its infancy, you might be finding that working from home just isn’t cutting it anymore. Investing in a serviced office could be what you need to make your business run smoothly, providing your employees with a space to get their jobs done in a productive environment! A serviced office is a realistic way for new companies to get into a dedicated workspace without breaking the bank. 

Fully flexible lease 

Serviced office spaces are way more flexible in terms of your contract. The notice periods will be much shorter, allowing you to move offices quickly if you find a more suitable space. There are a variety of options from short-term leases to a long-term lease. There could also be opportunities for you to personalise your space and equip it specifically for your company. 

A singular monthly bill 

With a serviced office, it could be much easier for business owners to manage their finances. You will only pay one monthly bill, as everything is covered in the price you pay for your serviced office. Your Wi-Fi, phone bill, electricity, and facilities such as lunch areas are all covered in the same price. This cost-effective option will allow you to plan forward in terms of your finances! 

Build business relationships 

As with a conventional office, your serviced office space could be housed within a building that has many other companies in its corridors. This could mean that you will have an office right next to another company that could provide you with business, or that may know others in the same industry. This kind of networking could advance your company and help you get ahead! 

Professional reception teams

Having your office within a business centre could mean that your building has a professional reception team. These teams are experienced in what they do, and they can greet visitors on your behalf to create a beaming impression for your business. These teams can often also help you out for an additional price. Depending on the serviced office, your reception team could offer admin support!

Amenities accessible to you 

Serviced offices offer your business a varied selection of amenities. Break-out areas, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities will be fully furnished and in your building. Phone lines, electricity, and internet are all offered within your lease agreement and cleaning services are also provided. This all means you can focus 100% on your business without worrying about mundane tasks at the end of the day.

If these benefits sound transformative for your business, Serviced Offices South London can help you out. We can help you find the perfect office for your company – why wait to find your business’ next home? Give us a call on 0208 315 6600 or email hello@servicedofficessouthlondon.co.uk.