Productivity at work is something we all strive to achieve, but it can often be easier said than done. On those slow Monday mornings when you’re recovering from the days before, or late Friday afternoons when weekend plans are spiralling in your mind, it isn’t unheard of to trail away from the tasks infront of you. However, did you know that productivity is a habit? It is something that, with work, we can build to become a part of our daily routine without even thinking about it. By adapting the way in which you plan your day with our top 5 tips, you can provide yourself with the best chances of an effective working day, every day.

Plan before you begin

Let’s face it, planning your day out at 9.15am after making your morning coffee and catching up with your colleagues won’t be the best use of your time. Whilst the slow start to the day may feel pleasing, there are better ways to go about it. Whether you use the last 15 minutes of the previous day to map it out or make a mental plan in your mind during your commute, having your starting point decided before you sit down at your desk will allow you to jumpstart your day. We like to think of this as an effective life hack!

What are your priorities?

We all go through busy periods at work and knowing your priorities can allow you to keep level-headed. A lengthy to-do list can be overwhelming, so take it one day at a time. Consider your priorities for each day. These could be the things that require a faster turnaround, or the larger tasks that would relieve a weight off of your shoulders once complete. From here, you can work out the agenda of your day, and the order in which you will tick things off of your list. We would always recommend placing those tasks that you are least keen to complete at the start of your day, allowing you to be done and dusted with your biggest challenges as soon as possible.

Manage your time

When it comes to productivity, your diary should be your best friend. Mapping your day out visually will allow you to see at a glance the timeframes required for each task. It is important that you are honest with this. This will allow you to plan effectively, without having to work yourself extra hard to complete a job in an unattainable time. It can also be effective at informing other colleagues that you are currently unavailable, preventing them from distracting you, or delegating additional tasks at that moment.

Take your break!

Your break is there to be taken, and for good reason! Splitting up your day will give your brain time to rest, ensuring that you follow the same effective productivity in the afternoon, as you did in the morning. This time will also allow you to reflect on what you have achieved, and what is upcoming. Are you on track? Has anything else popped up that now takes priority? Stepping away from your workload will free your mind and allow you to become flexible with your plans before getting stuck in once more.

Do not disturb

Finding a way of zoning into your work will boost your productivity levels by miles. For example, by turning your phone onto Do Not Disturb, taking yourself to a quiet area of the office or listening to focus music of choice in your headphones can allow you to sharpen your focus on your work whilst blocking out the noises and distractions happening around you.

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