benefits of choosing a serviced office space

In the fast-evolving landscape of business, serviced offices have gained much popularity among small and big businesses alike. An arrangement like this offers you more flexibility and is easy on your finances whilst also having a number of other benefits. If you’re unsure whether you should choose a serviced office space or willing to know more about it, you have come to the right place. We’ve curated the top benefits of serviced offices in this blog to help make this decision easy for you.

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No stress of a fixed lease

Flexibility is of the utmost importance for growing businesses. With serviced offices, you can choose how long you want to be there. There will be no constraints of traditional leases that bind you to a contract for a fixed period of time. You make monthly payments for the space you’re taking. And it can be a rolling contract, giving you a shorter notice period. Thus, making it easy for your business to move out when you don’t need the office space anymore.

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Scale up and down, when you want

The economy can waver or your business strategy may call for immediate downsizing or upsizing. You don’t want to rent a space that makes handling these unbidden situations difficult for you. This makes it even more important to opt for a serviced office. It can accommodate any number of employees, from five to fifty and even more. Depending on the provider, you’ll be paying either per desk or per sq. ft. So, whenever you scale up or down, your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.

Doubtlessly cost-effective

With serviced office spaces, you make one single monthly payment for your office space as well as the amenities and facilities you use. These include phones, electricity, furnishing, internet, cleaning, and sometimes even tea and coffee services. It is evidently a stress-free solution for offering you everything you and your staff will need whilst also being easy on the pocket.

Network and grow with other businesses

Now, this is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. When you take up serviced office space, you share a workspace with countless other businesses. You can network with them in the breakout area, share your individual experiences, and exchange tips to grow together. Looking at the bigger picture, it can also be rather beneficial for your business in the long term.

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Significantly less administrative burden

Entrepreneurs want to direct their focus to the primary business objectives and core competencies. Worrying about office logistics including internet and phone connections, electricity, meeting room facilities, etc. can be a headache. But these are also necessary. Let the burden be taken away by an ideal serviced office space. You can check the services and amenities they provide and then make an informed decision. We can help you with a listing that suits your needs at no cost. Call 0208 315 6600 now.

Great professional image

Your business’s address, visual appeal, and professionalism can speak volumes about your image to potential customers and partners. With a serviced office in a prime location and an expert reception team at the forefront, you can easily ensure that. Many serviced offices also give you the freedom to customise your office space to fit your branding. This enables you to set up stylish furnishing, attractive wall hangings, catchy colours on your walls, and more. A polished image at first glance is what can help elevate your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Make your days more productive

Serviced office spaces are built and designed to foster productivity and reduce distractions. Your staff will have dedicated seating surrounded by necessary facilities and amenities to keep them going through the day. In addition, ergonomic furnishings, breakout areas, ample lighting, well-equipped meeting rooms, and spacious layouts facilitate a streamlined day at work.


UK startups and businesses are increasingly turning to serviced office spaces for financial peace of mind and better flexibility. This arrangement perfectly fits into the ever-changing business landscape. And takes a lot of unnecessary burden off their shoulders. We hope this article has helped you gain insights into the top benefits of serviced offices.

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Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

What is the difference between an office and a serviced office?

Traditional offices usually come with long-term lease agreements whereas serviced office spaces are greatly flexible with rolling contracts and shorter notice periods.
Traditional offices can often be empty spaces with you having to build everything from the ground up whilst services offices come with all necessary facilities and amenities.
Scaling up or down in a traditional office space can be challenging with complex lease terms whilst with a serviced office, you have great scalability and can adjust space requirements as needed.
Traditional offices have higher upfront expenses for setup, but serviced offices take that stress away. You will pay a single monthly amount for everything including the office space and amenities.

What is the difference between a lease and a serviced office?

A leased office involves a long-term contractual agreement and a substantial deposit for renting a commercial office space. The term can range from three to ten years. It lacks the flexibility modern businesses in the UK look for.
On the other hand, serviced offices have flexible licence agreements including rolling contracts. If needed, you can rent a space for a month and see if it works out for your business. With a short notice period, you always have the freedom to move on without stressing about leases.
It is advisable to work with local consultants who can effectively take the pressure off your mind about finding the right serviced office for your business. Contact us to get started.

Do serviced offices pay business rates?

In most cases, yes. Serviced office providers include business rates within their rental fees. This makes it simple and straightforward for businesses. And the providers handle the payment of business rates to local authorities. However, you should clarify this aspect with your chosen serviced office provider before finalising the deal.
We can take the stress off your mind if you tell us exactly what you’re looking for.

Do serviced offices include electricity?

Yes, they do. Electricity comes included in their monthly package for your business. This significantly reduces the administrative load on your part.