Have you ever noticed that when the sun beams, the air is quiet, and you’re where you want to be, that you’re more motivated to get things done? It’s no coincidence that all these factors give people inspiration to get the jump on everything they’ve been meaning to do. The same can be said in an office space – our work environment can directly impact our productivity! Let’s find out a little bit more about the type of space that could have your employees working like never before.

What affects productivity in the workplace?

There are several factors in the workplace that can increase productivity. If these things are amiss, your employees could find their productivity and motivation circling the drain! These are some of the things that can directly affect your employees’ day-to-day:


For typical office work, the ideal temperature to work in is 22°C. You’ll never be able to pinpoint the temperature that suits everybody, but making sure it isn’t at either extreme will allow your employees to concentrate!


Putting effort into the lighting of your office may not sound necessary. However, natural light is actually the best kind to encourage employee productivity! Natural light helps body regulation, leading to a happier workplace. Lights that replicate this are beneficial.

Air quality

Air quality is becoming more and more important. Not only does clean air reduce the risk of employees becoming sick, but it reduces fatigue throughout the day. Good air and ventilation improve productivity and protect your business.


Noise pollution, though unavoidable a lot of the time, can impact concentration. Some people thrive working whilst blasting heavy metal – others may need twinkling spa music or even silence. Outside distractions like sirens and road noise cause more workplace mistakes.

How to improve workplace productivity

So, now that we know what offices need to monitor to keep up with efficiency and productivity, how can you take steps to make sure this never falters? Here are some tips to make sure your dream office acts as a muse for your employees!

Think about your office layout

A lot of the time, office layout is down to preference. There are advantages to an open office, with directors sitting next to new-starters and the opportunity for collaboration. Cubicles can offer more concentration, so think about what will work best for your specific company and industry.


When you’re on the hunt for your serviced office, think about prioritising how much background noise there is. Ask your advisor about double-glazing and how much noise is near the office. You can also take measures to sound-proof, like soft-furnishings and arranging furniture to ensure a quiet space.

Arrange good lighting

As natural light is the best kind to work in for desirable results, try investing in bulbs that replicate it. There are also lamps called SAD Lamps, which emulate natural light and can help your employees feel bright and ready to go.

Invite the outside in

Apparently, we all feel most comfortable when we’re in nature. Whether this is true or not, there is evidence to say that having plants in the office makes employees more likely to get everything finished to a high standard. They’re also capable of sprucing up any space!

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