When you’re at work 5 days a week, in an office environment, you might be wondering how to increase your productivity. Music is something that can really improve your concentration and productivity, and with the number of genres and radio stations out there, the choice really is yours. You might be wondering about the style of music that will help you concentrate the most. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! So, what are the songs or music genres that you could listen to whilst doing your daily work?

Classical music

Although classical music isn’t as mainstream as other genres, it is shown to be excellent for productivity, especially in the workplace. This is often coined as ‘The Mozart Effect’. This is the effect many people experience when listening to classical music – the music can enhance your creativity and produce a calming effect in your body, even reducing your stress levels.

Nature sounds

Although not necessarily music, many people find nature sounds relaxing, and therefore calms their minds so that they are less stressed. This calmer state often induces more productivity. The nature sounds could consist of rainfall, waves and whale noises. Some people even find white noise to be something that increases their concentration.

Music with 50-80 beats per minute

After scientific studies, it has been concluded that music that has between 50 and 80 beats per minute are the ideal tunes to listen to when working. This is because it encourages something called the ‘alpha state’. This is the state of your brain when it is receptive and open, which therefore invokes the opportunity for creativity to come through, and it stimulates learning. You can tell when you’re in the ‘alpha state’, because as you may be listening to music, you will be in deep concentration and almost not notice as the song changes. This is the ultimate state of concentration!

Your favourite songs

Something about listening to your favourite music inevitably makes you happy. This is especially helpful if you’re carrying out a task that you might not find that stimulating, and so you may need the motivation of what you deem as the best tunes. This could even improve your mood throughout your working day, simply by listening to music that you enjoy.

What radio stations are the best for an office environment?

If you work in a communal office, it’s likely you will need to find a radio station that can cater to everyone’s preferences. You might be asking, what is the best radio station to choose? Many people vote for Radio 2 – this has a great mix of old and new music, ensuring that most musical tastes are covered. On this station, there is also not too much talking and there aren’t too many ad breaks, which many people could often have got annoyed with otherwise. If everyone agrees to the idea, Classic FM is also great for concentration. The lack of lyrics means that distractions are kept to a minimum, but you might struggle to get everyone’s agreement to listen to classical music all day!

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