Let us take you on a journey… You’ve gone through the process of working with your serviced office broker to find potential workspaces and you’ve whittled the options down to a list of ones to view. Much like viewing a property, it’s a good idea to come prepared. Ensuring you have a list of questions that the office provider can answer will allow you to be fully informed! After all, you wouldn’t buy a home without making sure all your important questions are answered, right?

The questions to ask are similar to those that come to mind when you’re viewing a house, and the office providers will have been asked them all before. So, don’t hold back! No query is too detailed. If you need some guidance, here are the key questions to ask when viewing a serviced office:

Building facilities

Are there breakout areas my company can access?

Stop your team from eating at their desks and offer a comfortable area for them to relax on breaks.

Is there a gym in the building?

Exercise has a great impact on team efficiency! Check if there’s a gym on site to make their lives easier.

Are there showers or changing rooms?

The possibility of a shower may encourage employees to use that gym in the building!

Is there access to outside space?

A breath of fresh air helps your team stay productive. Access to a terrace or roof could be ideal.

What hours can I access the building?

You’ll need to know whether you’re allowed into the building 24/7 or just within office hours.

How secure is the building?

Are there security guards? What is the CCTV like? This information will make your team feel safer.

Contract queries

How long is this contract for?

Knowing the length of your contract will allow you to plan for your business and its future.

What amenities are included in the price?

Serviced offices offer standard amenities, check what they are and if there are add-on features.

Is there a deposit?

Many office providers will require a deposit. Enquire how much this is so that you can budget for it.

Can I alter the contract during the lease?

Serviced offices offer flexible leases. You may even be able to move offices within the same contract.

Are there restrictions on how I can personalise my space?

Some providers allow you to paint your office, others may not. Ask the question to find out!

Is there an on-site facilities manager?

Knowing there is someone available to turn to for advice or problems could save you some panic.

Specific office details

Does it come furnished?

Find out if you need to invest in furniture for your team. If furnished, ask about the quality!

Are parking spaces available?

This will let you know if your team will have the ease of available spaces after their commute.

How do I book a meeting room?

Serviced offices have meeting rooms available to book. Some have credit options to reduce cost.

Can I control the climate within my office?

Ask whether the controls are within your office or if you’d need to contact the building manager.

Is there heavy noise pollution?

Lots of noise may affect your employees’ productivity. Find out in advance if this will be a problem.

What other companies are in the business centre?

Find out what businesses and industry cultures are in the local area. This is great for networking.

Gut feeling questions

How do I feel in this space?

Ask yourself how devasted you’d be if someone else snatched up this space. Are you in love with it?

Can you envision your company growing here?

Can you see yourself in the space long term? Will your business be able to grow and expand?

So, when you’re on your way to your serviced office viewings, keep this list of important questions in your mind to make sure you get all the information you need. Here at Serviced Offices South London, we can help you narrow down your choices to your dream workspace. Just give us a call on 0208 315 6600 or email hello@servicedofficessouthlondon.co.uk to get started.