Your employees’ wellbeing is without a doubt one of the most important things to maintain in your business. If your employees are unhappy or uncomfortable due to their surroundings, they could end up really disliking their jobs. As well as affecting their efficiency in the office and the standard of work they produce, this can also have a negative impact on employee health and wellbeing outside of work!

Prioritising employees’ mental and physical health in the workplace will not only help your business to thrive, but it will prove to them that you care. Their value will be noticed, increasing their daily comforts and happiness. What could be better than that? Here are six ways to make sure you’re making your employees your top priority!

1. Create variation in your environment

Nowadays, the trend for office layouts is to have an open-plan workspace. While this is great for collaborative companies, some employees may find themselves becoming distracted easily or needing some time alone. Creating separate spaces or one-person booths can eliminate this feeling as they can use them as and when they please.

2. Provide sit-to-stand desks

Research shows that sitting as much as we do is actually very bad for us. It has been related to problems such as weight gain and heart disease! To combat this, standing desks are becoming common – employees can stretch their legs throughout the day. It can be up to your team whether they would like this or not, it isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach.

3. Encourage uptake of fitness opportunities

If you’re still in the process of searching for the dream serviced office for your company, why not prioritise having a gym in the building as one of your requirements? Fitness is proven to be a brilliant way to reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing. A gym that is so convenient is bound to motivate your employees to make good use out of it!

4. Increase access to healthy foods

Do you provide snacks for your employees here and there? That’s an amazing start, but if you’re laying out unhealthy foods, this can cause your employees to feel fatigued. It may even contribute to their ill health! Consider providing a selection of fresh, healthy foods instead, as well as safe drinking water to encourage lots of hydration.

5. Establish wellbeing programmes

To really hit home how important wellbeing is in the workplace, why not implement some programmes that support your employees? This may help them establish a work-life balance; it could also alleviate mental health issues and improve the work environment. These long-term programmes could promote mindfulness, open conversations, and more.

6. Prioritise ergonomics

The term ergonomics may sound daunting, but really, it’s just making sure your employees’ furniture is comfortable. If their chairs are stiff and cause them pain, they’re unlikely to work to their best ability. Many serviced offices come furnished, so you can either prioritise looking for spaces with high-quality furniture, or invest in your own to ensure your team’s comfort.

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