Have you been thinking about going greener? Now’s the time! Changing your ways to become eco-friendly will not only give your business a good reputation, but it will also have a great environmental impact. We all have a huge carbon footprint, so encouraging your office to be energy efficient will bring their attention to the matter of our environment!

Introducing environmentally friendly practices into your workplace could seem like a difficult task. Let us help you out with this guide towards efficiency within your serviced office…

Educate employees

Provide some materials for your employees to look through about the consequences of their actions on our world! This will give them incentive to follow your requests and be conscious of their choices. It’s possible to have fun with this. Why not create quizzes or interactive tasks to test people’s understanding?

Travel thoughtfully

Have you ever thought to introduce car sharing within the team? Having fewer cars on the road will decrease carbon emissions, which is the aim! This could also be achieved by your employees catching public transport, or maybe even starting a collaborative cycle-to-work scheme. Any shift away from driving into the office will help.

Recycle regularly

Instead of throwing your paper and lunch wrappers in the regular bin, make sure you separate your waste. This doesn’t take a lot of effort, but can have a great influence on our environment! You can easily create signs for each bin to help guide your employees through the process.

Lights out

If you’re not already in a serviced office and you’re paying for your own bills, you’ll want to save money. Make sure you turn off the equipment when you’re not using it. Whether this is the lights, computers, or heating, it will save the pennies as well as reserve energy consumption. Even if your bills are included, turning off the lights is simple and environmentally considerate.

Enhance equipment

Investing in office equipment, such as a new printer, that benefits from energy efficient technology will decrease energy bills and make sure that your company is doing its part to decrease carbon emissions. Not only is it good equipment for your company, but also the world!

Acquire greenery

Introducing plants into your office space will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in your workplace! Plants do wonders for the environment, and by having them in your surroundings they can help you become energy efficient within your space. Brilliant décor, and good for us all

Serviced offices

Moving your company into a serviced office could be what saves you the pennies! In serviced office contracts, all your monthly utilities are included under one bill. This allows you to save money, and many office providers have energy efficient systems in place, so there is minimal impact!

If the sound of one monthly bill and energy efficient systems within the building is ideal for your business, why not start the search for a serviced office? Our team of enthusiastic experts could be exactly what you need… Call Serviced Offices South London on 0208 315 6600 or email hello@servicedofficessouthlondon.co.uk to find out where your company’s next home could be!