As a business, new or established, you’ll know the importance of keeping your costs down. However, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t work in a productive office! Working from home can be very difficult for some people, especially in terms of keeping up your team’s bond with one another. So, if you’re looking for an affordable office space on a tight budget, here are some of our top tips that you should keep in mind!

Top tip no.1 – Serviced offices

A brilliant way to save your money when paying for an office is to move into a serviced office rather than a managed office. A managed office means that you have to sort all of the bills yourself, finding providers for internet, your phone lines, and more. Serviced offices offer all of these amenities under the umbrella of one monthly bill. This will allow you to take charge of and preserve your finances!

Top tip no.2 – Crunch the numbers

An important part of finding out what space you can afford is to really crunch the numbers. Work out how much you can afford to spend on an office space on a monthly basis. This will let you know what kind of workspaces you can look at, and it will help you refine your search. Knowing your budget saves you time – you won’t be looking at offices that aren’t attainable.

Top tip no.3 – Sacrifice some amenities

Many serviced offices will give you the option of more amenities for extra costs. This could be access to meeting rooms, admin support from the reception team and printing costs. Find different ways to get these services, such as taking your team to a coffee shop for a team meeting instead of paying for the cost of a meeting room. This will decrease your monthly bill, allowing you to stay within your budget.

Top tip no.4 – Compromise on location

It’s no secret that monthly rent costs will be much more in Central London than the surrounding areas. If you’re trying to minimise your office costs, think about the location you’re searching in. In South London you could consider boroughs such as Bromley and Greenwich instead. You’ll be able to find plenty of options with spaces to rent that will be transformative for your business.

Top tip no.5 – Communicate with your advisor

Letting your advisor know your budget and goals for your flexible office space will allow them to search for offices that they know will suit you. Knowing all of your requirements, such as the size of office you need, will affect what they can find on your budget. Communicating with a company that can do this for you will mean that you don’t have to filter through offices outside of your budget.

Top tip no.6 – Hot-desking

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a serviced office, hot desks could be the solution for you. Hot-desking allows you to have a smaller office. Giving your employees a rota outlining when they can use a desk will mean that there is only a portion of your business in at one time. This will allow you to rent a smaller, more affordable office which your employees use on a rotating, part-time basis.

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