Whether your business is young, or you have just begun hiring a team of employees, the chances are that the first office you move into may be on the smaller side. However, there are a selection of effective and clever steps that you can take to make your space feel larger as well as improve the way in which it functions, without your colleagues having to fight for space.

De-clutter your space

A good old-fashioned de-clutter is a simple way to free up your workspace and, in turn, allow your office to appear clearer and larger. Consider storing paperwork in a folder which can be neatly stacked on desks, or gathering and storing loose wires in cable trays so that they are removed from view. If you discover that, over time, there is office equipment that is no longer used, ditch it! However, we would recommend that you be wary about replacing the old with new if space is not permitting.

Invest in multifunctional storage

Storage is always needed, and if you think smartly with it, you could get a lot more out of it. Firstly, storage doesn’t need to take up large amounts of floor space. Think about your walls, and use them where possible. Floating cubbyholes, fixed hooks and even shelves can be used to store or display office stationery and personal goods. You could also be smart with storage. Inserting dividers into drawers and cabinets will allow you to store multiple documents in one hidden place whilst still remaining clear of what can be found, where. If you are finding that you are low on space for storage, consider turning your workplace paperless – in turn creating a cleaner footprint simultaneously. Backing up your files online will allow you to access them both at work, and remotely, whilst reducing the need for storage units within the office.

Minimise office furniture

 We can relate to the feeling of wanting to provide your employees with the best, and in your mind this may include lunch areas with tables and sofas, or large desks for each person. However, you may find it more effective in your small office to decease the level of furniture you purchase until you are able to see how much usable space is left once the essentials are in. Consider your essentials as desks and chairs for each employee which provide enough space, as well as something visual to brighten the space up, from small indoor plants to graphics and imagery. Equipment such as printers and requirements such as storage should also be prioritised before deciding on office space extras.

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