Picture this: you’ve just moved into your brand-new serviced office, your company is getting used to the space, and you’re putting your own touch on things. It may seem like you can start to settle! However, the next thing on your list should be creating a purposeful workplace for you and your employees. What is a purposeful workplace, you ask…?

A purposeful workplace is…

A working environment that encourages your employees to find purpose within their day-to-day jobs. This will increase employee satisfaction. The point of a purposeful workplace is to ensure that employees are happy within their jobs, and to therefore inspire the business to move forward in the long-term with engaged employees that strive towards excellence!

Do I need a purposeful workplace to be successful?

Your employees having a sense of purpose within their role will inspire a positive workplace culture. This positive environment is proven to boost employee commitment and engagement, and enhance the company’s performance. In other words, the happier and more motivated your colleagues are, the more likely your business is to thrive! You know the old phrase, love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life. So, how can you promote a purposeful workplace in your new serviced office? Here are some tips to get started:

Trust your employees

Placing your trust in your employees will mean that they have autonomy over their job role, their diary, and their responsibilities. This will offer them control, allowing them to work to their preferences! This trust is bound to encourage positive working relationships within your team.

Training and self-development

Continuous learning and development will increase employee confidence and positivity! Urging your team to embark on self-development encourages them to work on other aspects of their lives – their happiness will be all-round, not just in the workplace.

Create a productive working environment

If employees are happier and relish working in their role as it gives them purpose, they are more likely to be productive. It is also shown that our surroundings have a big impact on our productivity. Natural light, the layout of the office, and air quality can all affect how we work.

Conduct employee surveys

The best way to find out how to increase your employees’ satisfaction within their job role is to ask them! Ask questions about how they would feel more cared for, what office features they think would be beneficial, and more.

Allow employees to have control over their role

It’s always common practice to have guidelines and descriptions for what you want your team to accomplish. Giving them some say over what their role entails will increase their motivation, showing that you trust them and their creative judgement.

The first step in creating a purposeful workplace is finding your perfect serviced office. Here at Serviced Offices South London, we’re the experts to turn to with your requirements. We’ll start the search straight away! Give us a call on 0208 315 6600 or email hello@servicedofficessouthlondon.co.uk.