Are you at the point where you are deciding whether to take the plunge and move your business to London? While the prospect is exciting, we can understand how this might be nerve wracking at the same time! It’s a big decision, so it’s important to take into account the things you would benefit from when moving your company to England’s capital. Here are five of the reasons why you would thrive in a new office in south London.

Networking: endless opportunities

There are millions of businesses based all over London, including south London. This creates the opportunity for an unlimited amount of networking. South London frequently has business events, where you can meet people from like-minded businesses entrenched in the same industry as you! These opportunities can help you further your business, reaching your goals by using the connections you build and finding friends of your company in the local area of south London.

Benefit from business districts

London is largely split into business districts; if you want to be surrounded by businesses that share your goals and missions, you can choose your area of London tactically. For example, The City and Canary Wharf are the hubs for finance and banking, whereas for the more creative industries, you’ll find companies in Camden or Islington. By working within your industry’s district, you can immerse yourself in the inspiration that being around other businesses will offer.

Easy, speedy travel

London has the best public transport that the UK has to offer. The connections you can experience from every area of London makes getting around so much easier. This will mean that your employees don’t have to struggle on their daily commute, and nipping somewhere in the nearby area of south London is made more simple on a lunch break or after work! Easy transportation links will also be beneficial for your clients, making their journey to your office hassle-free.

A lively social scene

In London, the social scene never sleeps. There is always something for your employees to enjoy, whether this is a bar down the road from your south London office or comedy nights and shows at the theatre. This is a great selling point for potential employees, as they can be enticed by the tempting events that London offers. It could also help you and your employees enjoy that all-important work/life balance, encouraging the fun as well as the work.

Populated with talent

London is rife with people looking for work, which means there is bound to be a lot of talent in the area. This will be beneficial for you when it comes to hiring new people for your team. The chances are, you will get more responses to your job adverts, and a different calibre of applicants than you may get in a quieter area. This will give you more opportunity to push your business further, creating a brilliant team of talented professionals.

With these factors hopefully swaying your decision to move your business to London, you’ll be finding yourself in need of an office space. Here at Serviced Offices South London, our experts will be able to help you find the perfect workspace for your team, providing the amenities you need and ensuring you are close to the transport links that will allow you to get around south London without hassle. Call us today on 0208 315 6600 or email