As the winter draws nearer and our bills come through the door every month, business owners could be wondering how they will be keeping their office environment warm. With the increase in the cost of living and our increasingly cold winters, this year may seem more daunting than the ones before. So, let’s brainstorm! How can you ensure that your office stays warm and productive whilst being kind to your bills? Let’s find out…

Invest in blinds or curtains

You’d be surprised how much heat soft furnishings can retain. Investing in simple blinds or curtains can help you to insulate your office, ensuring that the warm air stays within your walls. If you’re willing to invest a step further, you could even install plantation shutters. The materials that shutters are made of are insulating and allow you to work in a warm environment!

Don’t block the radiators

At the times where you’ve decided to turn on the radiators to give you some precious, much needed heat, make sure they aren’t being blocked by anything! Placing office furniture in front of your heat source will mean that the warmth isn’t able to float into every part of your room, which would result in a waste of your money. A re-arrangement could result in a warmer environment easily.

Provide small heaters

Sometimes, small space heaters can end up being more cost-effective than persistently using your central heating. Before doing this, ensure that the ones you purchase won’t pose as a fire hazard. These can produce a lot of heat in a small amount of time, meaning you can warm up the office and then turn off the heaters for a while, resulting in a reduced use of energy.

Invest in a thermostat

Having a thermostat that will show you the exact temperature within your office allows you to make better use of your central heating. It could be an idea to pinpoint a temperature that you would like to keep your office at (the minimum is generally 16°C). This will mean that once you reach your ideal temperature, you can turn off either your air-con or your heating, resulting in less energy use.

Encourage activities

It’s commonly known that sitting at your desk and not moving around can cause you to get cold. Encouraging your employees to go for a walk during their lunch break, take a break from their screens and walk to make a hot drink, or even organise a work exercise class after the working day. All these steps could result in them getting a little warmer throughout the day.

Move to a serviced office

Moving your company into a serviced office will mean that you can benefit from the amenities of your office space at a fixed monthly price. Ensuring you find an office with its central heating bills included will mean that you can rely on your monthly outgoings to stay the same, without compromising the comfort of your team. Serviced offices could guarantee you a warm winter!

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