One of the most important factors to think about when you’re on the hunt for your new serviced office is having enough space for your whole team. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how much room you’ll need, especially if this is your first office space after starting a business! Office space is measured in square feet (sq. ft) and you’ll need a certain amount per person. Keep reading for a guide on what sized office to consider for your successful business to run smoothly.

How much space does each person need?

In London, workers are generally given 100 sq. ft of space. This is for an open-plan layout, and the space is divided into 50 sq. ft of desk space and the same for break out spaces like lunchrooms and the kitchen. In more expensive areas, business owners often choose to give their team 80 sq. ft of space to save costs. The amount of space you will need is also dependant on what industry your business is in. If you deal with physical drawings and plans, (like in architecture!) you may need more space. If it’s simply computer work, you may get away with slightly less desk space. As an example, if you’re a company of four people, you’ll likely need a space of at least 240 sq. ft.

Is it true that it’s better to offer more space?

It has been shown that giving your employees a variety of environments within their office increases productivity. Even though many serviced offices come with break out areas and meeting rooms in the contract, it may be worth opting for a bigger space so that you can offer your team a variety of places to work. This could include a sofa or a small area where you can take your clients. Some business even make room for napping pods… Something to think about if it fits in with your company culture!

Planning for the future?

Within your long-term business planning sessions, you may be thinking about future growth in your team. Hopefully your company will expand leaps and bounds! That begs the question, is it worth renting a bigger serviced office so that your team has room to grow? There doesn’t seem to be much point in finding your dream space just to have to leave it in a few months to make room for new starters. Investing in a larger working environment will allow your business to expand and settle into your new space.

Hoping to cut costs?

Are you looking for a serviced office that will fit all your employees with ample space but won’t cost you the earth? Think about your location. Where your office is will significantly impact its cost. For example, towns on the fringe of the City and boroughs in South London will offer office spaces that are just as magnificent, at a much lower cost. Why not look at what other locations have to offer in terms of value and amenities?

So, let’s summarise. When you’re wondering what size office to move into, here are the things to consider:

  • How many employees you have
  • How much space they will need individually
  • Whether you will give your business room to grow
  • The location you’re looking in

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