Are you searching for your company’s dream office? It’s understandable that if you’ve got a lot on your plate, you could become a little bit frazzled! This could cause you to make some mistakes during the process, which is why we’re here to help you out. There are common mistakes to avoid when selecting your new workspace, and if you’re still in the planning stage, there’s time to be aware of these! Keep reading for your guide on what not to do. Don’t…

Forget to view the office

If you go into your new serviced office without having viewed it, you could run into some unexpected shocks. Not only will viewing the office in advance allow you to know what you’re paying for, but you’ll be able to check the space for any problems. This could be damp in the space or limited natural light. Always view the office to ensure it meets your needs and you can be productive there.

Limit yourself to the present

Don’t limit yourself to how your company is doing right now. If you move into a serviced office that houses your exact number of employees, it will work for now. However, this gives you no opportunity to grow and increase the talent within your office. Selecting space with room to grow will allow you to plan for the future and avoid the hassle of relocating again!

Run out of time

Many companies leave it until the last minute to move into their next office. Although notice periods on serviced offices are shorter, there will still be a period you’ll have to wait before moving in. The recommended time to start looking for your new office is 1-6 months beforehand! This will give you time to deliberate your selection of spaces before moving in.

Forget to consider the décor

Although interior design may not feel like it should be the deciding factor, it’s important to keep it in mind. Natural light and the space around us have a big impact on our productivity in the workplace! This should come into consideration from the start – if you know that you work best in a bright room, don’t choose a small space with only one window…

Choose a difficult location

It’s a good idea to think hard about where you’ll be based. Ideally, it won’t be difficult for your employees to commute to work – this could affect how much they enjoy their job. Think about where your competitors are based – do you want to be nearby or far, far away? Choosing the wrong location could waste time, so think about it in advance!

Ignore your employees

When moving offices, it’s important to think about what your employees may want out of the new space. Don’t abandon their needs! You could send out a survey to complete so that you know what kind of amenities your colleagues may be hoping for. This will allow you to search according to these requests, ensuring no one is disappointed with the new office!

Only think about desk space

It’s easy to have tunnel vision when searching. As long as it has enough desks, surely that’s fine, right? Wrong. You need to think about storage solutions – will you be able to bring in a filing cabinet if needed? Also, consider space for team meetings – some serviced offices will have meetings rooms, but a small table in your office to gather the team could be helpful.

Forget to read the fine print

When you’re signing the contract for your new serviced office, always read the fine print! This will let you know about all the smaller details about your lease, including notice periods. Grant yourself peace of mind that you’re aware of everything there is to know about your agreement – don’t go into it with doubts!

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