Within a serviced office, there can sometimes be limitations on the amount of decorating you can do. You may have a beautifully modern office with all the features you could wish for, but a little bit of personalisation never hurts! Luckily, there are ways to do this without breaking the confines of your contract. Here are just some of the ways that you can make your office space your own…

Introduce your own furniture

Usually, your serviced office contract will come with furniture already within your space. While this is brilliant for when you’re starting up and can save you some money, new furniture can help you feel like the space is truly yours. You can tailor your furniture to the interior style of your office, helping you to create a consistent visual brand – brilliant for when clients come to visit!

Sprinkle company colours through the office

Your company colours are a great and personal way to brighten up the office. You can use them in any way you like – if your colours are blue and green, for example, think about providing blue and green mugs to offer employees and clients! You can also do the same with coasters, company notebooks, pens, and accessories such as coat stands and cushions for the breakout sofa.

Embrace nature within the workplace

Plants are a brilliant and charismatic way of injecting some life into the office. With little to no effort from you (apart from keeping them alive!), your plants will provide your office with visual interest, as well as boosting the moods of your employees and keeping the air clean. Plants offer a wide range of benefits, and have even been proven to increase productivity in the workplace.

Bring in your company’s logo

Your company logo is something you have undoubtedly spent a lot of time curating. There are ways that you can pepper this throughout your office space, such as peel and stick stickers for your walls and doors that avoid any damage and allow your workplace to feel like it’s yours. It’s also a good idea to have your logo throughout your office, signposting who you are from the outside for clients.

Community staff area

To add some really personal elements to the office, you could think about introducing a community space. This could be a wall or a shelf, where you can add things like staff pictures from socials, mementos from a project, or any employee awards that you offer. This will help employees feel bonded to each other and to the company, demonstrating that you care about company culture!

An entertainment wall

One way of adding personality to a workplace is providing your employees with something to do in their downtime. This will help their productivity, and happy people equals a happy workplace! You could offer board games, a small library, or even an electronic games area if it’s in your budget. This will give them a break from their workload and separate the ‘fun’ area from the productivity.

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