Once you’ve moved into your serviced office in South London and your desks are in place, you may think the hard work is done. This isn’t quite the case! Making sure your employees have a productive working space is more than just providing a blank desk and a swivel chair… An exciting working environment depends on a variety of things, such as the surroundings and the set up of each individual area. Here are the most important things to consider, helping you win the competition for the best desk set up for a productive day.

Prioritise lighting

Lighting is a very important part of how your employees feel and can impact their productivity. Although dim lighting might feel mellow and relaxing, it can also make people feel drowsy and this may not lead to their best work. The best light to work in is natural light. However, it’s not always possible for every team member to sit near the window, so ensuring that you have quality lights that replicate sunlight will mean that your workers are encouraged by the bright atmosphere!

Ergonomic equipment

If your employees are working on the cramped mousepad of their laptops, they may experience frustration, not to mention sore wrists! This also goes for the use of their laptop keyboard – these things could lead to problems such as repetitive strain injury. Using a separate mouse and keyboard, and ones that are designed to be ergonomic, will benefit your employees immensely. This will ensure that their wrists are at correct angles, reducing possible pain and increasing productivity.

Encourage good posture

Posture is crucial throughout the day, and your desk set up can actually impact this. Here’s a tip: elevating your screen so that it is eye level will minimise any strain on your neck, and encourage good posture with a straighter back! This will hopefully get rid of any back pain that your employees could experience from working on a screen. The chair you sit on also affects your posture, so you could think about treating your workers to high quality, ergonomic furniture!

Desk organiser

Some people say that a cluttered desk is equal to a cluttered mind, and other people say that a bare desk inspires zero inspiration! So, we think the best thing to do is to let the owner of the desk choose. A desk organiser can help your employees feel more in control of their area, and it can help them with the organisation of their work responsibilities. A desk set up that they enjoy looking at, whether arranged neatly or with pens strewn on the desk, is important for your workers.


Research has consistently found that plants in the workplace help to reduce the stress of employees and increase productivity. For something so simple as introducing some greenery, there are brilliant benefits! As well as increasing the quality of your team’s work, plants also provide some much-needed decorations in an office space, adding some colour and positivity to the space. Plants are a very easy way of adding interest to your desk, so why not start today?

We hope that these tips are helpful in creating your productive desk set up! But first, you need to start the process of searching for your dream serviced office space. This is where our team can help you. Get in touch with Serviced Offices South London for our assistance in finding your company the perfect workplace. Call us on 0208 315 6600 or email hello@servicedofficessouthlondon.co.uk.