We all know how much of a slog the daily commute can be… Half an hour or more on a train or bus seems like time that could be more valuable when used elsewhere.  Commuting is inevitable for many people, so why not find a way to reframe it? The time commuting into your London office could be used productively, ensuring that you do daily practices that make your day better and set you up for success! Follow these simple tips to ensure you have a commute that makes you happy, rather than a dreary, early-morning journey…

Tip #1. Plan your day

Planning your day each morning is proven to make people feel more productive. This doesn’t even have to be related to work, just planning your timings and the habits you are going to keep (such as going on a walk in your lunch break) will set you up for the day positively. The commute is the perfect time for this, as you can set aside a clear amount of time to focus solely on what you want to achieve that day.

Tip #2. Read or listen to an audio book

Reading (or listening to an audio book) is an excellent method of escapism! It’s also a great way to start off your day without scrolling on your phone. It has a calming impact, starting off your morning with a sense of serenity. Reading is proven to boost your brain power, as well as your memory. This means that your day at work could even be more positive. Reading will also create a barrier between your relaxing morning and your working day.

Tip #3. Listen to a podcast

Listening to podcasts is a popular method of relaxing for many people. Doing this during your commute could provide you with some entertainment if you have a long journey, but it could also be an opportunity for some more education. There are podcasts available about any topic imaginable, from engineering to comedy sketches. This can help you engage your brain for the day ahead, whilst still allowing you to take your mind off your work.

Tip #4. Get some exercise in

There’s no rule book that says your commute has to be on a train! Many companies employ a cycle-to-work scheme, or something similar. This can encourage you to include some exercise into your daily routine, and exercise is imperative for your mental attitude. Even if you catch a train part of the way and then hire a bike from TfL for the remainder of your journey, this can help you get the blood pumping and wake you up for the day ahead.

Tip #5. Relaxation or meditation…

A brilliant way of starting your working day calmly and positively is simply to relax! You could do this by meditating, listening to music, or just sitting and looking out the window at the landscape zooming by. There’s nothing to say you must do anything ‘productive’ with your commute. As long as it works for you, that’s the important thing. If you do fall asleep on the train, though, make sure you wake up in time to get off at your stop!

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