Choosing a new area to move to? Remember these factors  

When the time has come to move your business into a brand-new office and a brand-new area, there are a series of things that you should think about. By putting these things on your checklist, you can be sure that your business is benefitting from an area that your company thrives in and your employees adore working in. Choosing the area your company resides in is important, as it can actually impact the success of your business. These six factors will help you make the all-important decision about your business’s next home…

Assess the accessibility

For your employees, their daily commute will be pivotal in deciding how much they enjoy their job. This is why it’s beneficial for your company to have its hub somewhere that is close to transport links, and accessible from all surrounding areas. This is also important when it comes to your clients! If your company is based somewhere that is inaccessible, it will make it less desirable to visit. Therefore, transport links will make your company more established and easier for clients to come to, as well as ensuring your employees can experience a smoother commute.

A safe and secure area

This, again, is an important point for your employees. If the people working for you don’t feel safe when they leave the office, it won’t be a comfortable place for them to work. You must ensure that the area you are working in in South London is safe. This could include double checking that the crime rate in the area is low – this is important because you may have an abundance of valuable equipment, including laptops and monitors, within your office.

Interest in the local area

We all know how important a life outside of work is. This doesn’t have to be quite as separate as we think – even if your employees just take a walk around the local area on their lunch break or explore the shops at their fingertips, it will provide them with a little break. If your workplace is based in an area where there is very little to do, this could result in boredom! Place to eat, shops to replenish their snack drawer or expand their wardrobes, and places of entertainment such as cinemas and theatres can all go towards adding a bit of interest to your employees’ days.

An achievable budget

Investing in an office on a monthly basis that is out of your budget doesn’t make logical sense for your company. Different areas will have different average prices for the offices within them, for example a serviced office in Central London will be more expensive than one outside of the city. Therefore, you could think about filtering your search by area, ensuring that you will be able to afford the offices that are presented to you.

Keep your competition close…?

This is dependent on the nature of your business, but you could think about checking out how much competition for your business is in the area. This is a decision that could differ depending on your preferences and whether it matters to your company, as you could find that having competition in the same area as you is either a hinderance to your company or a help. Doing your research in this area will help you narrow down the radius that you will search for a serviced office in.

Consider local business rates

Doing research about the businesses in the area you’re looking to move to will allow you to plan for the future of your own company. You could find out their business rates, and how these differ to what companies charge in other varying areas. If you move your business to a more demanding, profitable area, you could find yourself able to charge more for your services and for what your company provides. This may allow you to excel even further! This is something to take into account when wondering which area to move your company to.

If you’ve got to the point where it’s time to move into a new serviced office, choosing the right area is imperative. Our team at Serviced Offices South London can help you do just that, so you can find a workplace that’s perfect for your dreams! Get in touch with us on 0208 315 6600 or email and we will get started right away!