When you have found the serviced office that will be the new home of your company, next will come the process of decorating and organising! Your office layout is something that will have a massive impact on the way your business operates, as well as the relationships that your employees forge with each other. If you’ve been considering an open plan office, here are some of the advantages and things to implement with this approach.

The advantages of an open plan office space

An open plan office can come with many benefits, which are important to know if you’re thinking about implementing it yourself! Why not find out how your company and employees can benefit from an open plan space?

Inspires communication in the team

Having an open plan workspace can make communication between the team seem much easier. As opposed to writing something in an email or picking up the phone, it can seem easier to simply walk over to a colleague and have the necessary conversation! This could even increase the quality of your company’s communication, as things are often better conveyed in person.

Discourages a hierarchy

With separate offices and those in higher positions in their own spaces, a sense of hierarchy within the company can feel more pronounced. An open plan office encourages people of all positions to sit next to each other, which can lead to a closer-knit team and a company that feels as if their work is collaborative, rather than playing into a detached way of working.

Encouraging close relationships

In an open plan office, friendships between colleagues can be easier to forge, meaning that your employees’ days are more enjoyable. Friendships within your team could also help with your business’s productivity, as when people are happier they are more likely to feel motivated for their work. It is also important that your employees have a good day, for their job satisfaction.

Things to implement in an open plan office space

When settling on an open plan office, there are certain factors and characteristics that you could include which will aid in the running of your business, and will ensure that your workspace is productive.

Separate meeting rooms

It’s imperative for companies to have meeting rooms. These spaces can be used for both formal and informal conversations between colleagues, as well as acting as a space for employees to take client phone calls. These spaces are important, ensuring that other workers can work without the disruption of noise and talking. It can also act as an extra workspace if it is ever needed.

Plan the desk setups to keep teams together

When creating the desk plan, ensure that the separate teams within your company are kept together. This allows them to collaborate with each other, which may be important for their work. It ensures that everyone has the support that they need readily available.

Ensure the space isn’t too cluttered with décor

As an open plan space is largely communal and everyone will be in the same room, keeping the décor minimal will ensure that employees aren’t overstimulated, and the space doesn’t feel cluttered. This is beneficial for productivity, as a clean and minimal environment could even make employees feel calmer on a day-to-day basis. The breakout spaces can be used for more expressive décor!

Separate breakout spaces from the office

Ensuring that breakout spaces are a good distance from the office room ensures that there is a separation between the working environment and the spaces dedicated to relaxation. This also enables employees to get a break from their desks, and possibly the people they are next to!

If an open plan office sounds like it could be the route your company takes, you’ll need to find the serviced office space first! That’s where we can help you at Serviced Offices South London. We know the area like the back of our hand, and we are experts at helping companies find their dream workspace. Get in touch with us on 0208 315 6600 or email